Student Attendance System


Mobile App


October, 2023

StudAtten, an innovative mobile app, aimed to transform attendance management by leveraging WiFi technology, face verification, and robust system architecture. Developed with React Native, the app sought to reduce proxy attendance, increase accuracy, and streamline the attendance-taking process for educational institutions. The primary objectives included creating a user-friendly interface, implementing face verification for enhanced security, and providing features for generating Excel attendance reports.

The challenges were centered around creating a mobile app that not only simplified attendance management but also integrated advanced features like WiFi-based attendance and face verification. Specific challenges included:

  • Developing a robust system architecture capable of handling large datasets for attendance records.
  • Integrating WiFi technology to enable attendance tracking within the vicinity.
  • Implementing a secure face verification system to ensure accurate attendance tracking.
  • Designing an intuitive interface for both students and educators.
  • Providing a feature to generate detailed attendance reports in Excel format.

The StudAtten mobile app, developed by Info Quotient, has successfully streamlined attendance management for educational institutions. The combination of WiFi technology, face verification, and robust system architecture has led to increased accuracy, reduced proxy attendance, and enhanced overall efficiency.


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